So I've moved over to DreamHost for my hosting, I get plenty of space so I'll be uploading movies and lots more pictures. The links to the left have been updated, Guestbook removed for now as well and the Board is empty, not sure I like phpBB 3. Hopefully I'll have a new design soon too, getting rather sick of this one.

You can check my mp3 collection without track listing or with track listing. You can also check out The Beast for all my previous downloads.

So the Flash media player doesn't like my .mov files, and has failed converting them to Flash. The QuickTime server also doesn't like my .mov either so it won't stream it. I did however get the old .wmv file to play, here it is. Quite old but all I got right now.

You can go to my MOVIES section for now to view .WMV movie clips since they're the only ones I can get working so far.