October 23, 2003

200 North - Watching The World Die
97a - Abandoned Future
97a - Society's Running On Empty

Against Me - Is Reinventing Axl Rose
All Else Failed - A Most Bitter Season
Anal Cunt - 40 More Reasons To Hate Us
As The Ruin Falls - Her Porcelain Goodbyes
Awkward Thought - Mayday
Awkward Thought - Ruin A Good Time

Backfire - The War Starts Here
Backslap - Self Titled
Blood Duster - Blood Duster
Blood Duster - Cunt
Blood Duster - Fisting The Dead
Blood Duster - Menstrual Soup (Demo)
Blood Duster - Str8 Outta Northcote
Blood Duster - Yeest
Boxcutter - Pitbull Ways
Boys Night Out - Make Yourself Sick
Breaker Breaker - Out of Service
Breather Resist - Only In The Morning
Burden - If You Don't Stand For Something... You Will Fall For Anything
Burden - Strength of Conviction
Burnt By The Sun - The Perfect Is The Enemy of The Good

Cannae - Horror
Cataract - Golem
Cataract - Martyrs Melodies
Cataract - The Great Days of The Vengeance
Cause For Alarm - Anthology
Cause For Alarm - Beneath The Wheel
Cause For Alarm - Cheaters And The Cheated
Cause For Alarm - Nothing Ever Dies 1982-1999
Chain of Strength - The One Thing That Still Holds True
Corn On Macabre - Chapters I And II
Cream Abdul Babar - Buried In Broken Glass
Cross The Line - Demo 2003
Crowpath - Disco
Cry of Justice - Confront 1995

Damned - Damned Damned Damned
Diehard Youth - Without The Kids, We Would Be Nothing
Discordance Axis - Jouhou
Disembodied - Heretic
Disembodied - If Only God Knew The Rest Are Dead
Down To Nothing - Save It For The Birds
Dumptruck - Demo 2003

Endless - Beauty, Tears And The Setting Sun

Gang Green - Another Wasted Night
Go Fuck Yourself - Til The Day We Die

HIM - Razorblade Romance
Horse The Band - R. Borlax

Integrity - To Die For

Kid Gorgeous - This Feeling Gets Old
Knuckledust - London Hardcore
Krigshot - ...Och Hotet Kvarstår
Krigshot - Örebromangel

Mad Sin - Break The Rules
Mad Sin - Distorted Dimensions
Mad Sin - Meattrain At Midnight EP
Mad Sin - Survival of The Sickest
Mad Sin - Sweet & Innocent... Loud & Dirty
Mindless Self Indulgence - Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy
Mindless Self Indulgence - Tight
Mindsnare - Hateful Attitude
Mindsnare - The Noble Ancestry

Napalm Death - From Enslavement To Obliteration
Napalm Death - Words From The Exit Wound
Nekromantix - Brought Back To Life
Nekromantix - Curse of The Coffin
Nekromantix - Return of The Loving Dead
No Retreat - Pray For Peace
No Retreat - Rise of The Underdog

Prayer For Cleansing - The Rain In Endless Fall (Remastered)

Queens of The Stoneage - Live

Radiation 4 - Wonderland
Ramones - Animal Boy
Reverend Horton Heat - Holy Roller
Reverend Horton Heat - It's Martini Time
Reverend Horton Heat - Liquor In The Front
Reverend Horton Heat - Smoke 'em If Ya Got 'em

Scars of Tomorrow - Design Your Fate
Scissorfight - Balls Deep
Scissorfight - Potential New Agent For Unconventional Warfare
SSD - The Kids Will Have Their Say
Stampin' Ground - A New Darkness Upon Us

Tears of Frustration - Self Titled
The Billy Nayer Show - The American Astronaut
The Number 12 Looks Like You - Put On Your Rosy Red Glasses
The Spirit of Versailles - Self Titled
Tripping Daisy - I Am An Elastic Firecracker

Unbroken - It's Getting Tougher To Say The Right Things

VA - Gangstyle Records Label Sampler Vol 1
VA - Psychobilly Weekender

Youtragedy - Demo 2003
Yuppicide - Fear Love

October 19, 2003

1000 Yard Stare - Demo
25 Ta Life - Best of Friends And Enemies

A Day And A Deathwish - 2003 EP
A Long Winter - Breathing Underwater
Across Five Aprils - A Tragedy In Progress
Across Five Aprils - Cut Me And I'll Bleed Rock N Roll
Adamantium - From The Depths of Depression
Aftershock - Through The Looking Glass
Against - Won't Be Your Fall (Demo)
Age of Ruin - Black Sands of The Hourglass
Agnostic Front - Liberty And Justice For
Agnostic Front - Somethings Gotta Give
Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Altered States of America
Alkaline Trio - Good Mourning
All Out War - Condemned To Suffer
And Oceans - The Symmetry of I - The Circle of O
Angelic Upstarts - Two Million Voices
Arkangel - Can Evil Be Beautiful
Arkata - Demo 2002
Armsbendback - The Waiting Room
As I Lay Dying - Beneath The Encasing of Ashes
Asherah - Boutros Makes The Bed

Battery - EP Collection
Battery - Only The Diehard Remain
Battery - Until The End
Beastie Boys - Licensed To Ill
Beatdown Fury - First Family
Between The Buried And Me - The Silent Circus
Billy Club Sandwich - Superheros At Leisure
Blacklisted - Demo 2003
Blitz - Voice of A Generation
Born From Pain - Sands of Time
Botch - Unifying Themes Redux
Breakdown - Battle Hymns For An Angry Planet
Breakdown - Blacklisted
Breakdown - Dissed And Dismissed

Career Suicide - Self Titled 7''
CIV - Thirteen Day Getaway
Clubber Lang - Varisty Violence
Crawlspace - Enter The Realm of Chaos
Crawlspace & Full Court Press - The Art of War
Crown of Thornz - Mentally Vexed
Curl Up And Die - We May Be Through With The Past

Darkest Hour - Hidden Hands of A Sadist Nation
David Allan Coe - Underground Album
Death Before Dishonor - True Til Death
Death Threat - Consider It War
Deeds of Flesh - Reduced To Ashes
Desperate Measures - Demo
DFL - Proud To Be
Dyingrace - Only The Determined Path Remains

Embrace - Self Titled LP
Embrace Today - Breaking The Code of Silence
Embrace Today - FxYxIxE
Embrace Today - Soldiers
Ensign - Love The Music Hate The Kids
Envy - A Dead Sinking Story
Everybody Gets Hurt - Demo 1997
Everybody Gets Hurt - The Dark Seeds of Man
Everybody Gets Hurt & Billy Club Sandwich

Fahrenheit 451 - The Thought of It
First Blood - Demo 2002
For The Crown - Blueprint
Freya - As The Last Light Drains
Full Blown Chaos - Prophet of Hostility

Gayrilla Biscuits - Demo
Give Up The Ghost - We're Down Til We're Underground
Gob - Foot In Mouth Disease

Harkonen - Shake Harder Boy
Harley's War - Cro-Mag
Hatebreed - The Rise of Brutality
Haymaker - 13
Haymaker - Live Video Footage
Haymaker - Love The Music, Hate The Kids 7"
Haymaker & Ox Baker - Split EP
Hayseed Dixie - Kiss My Grass
Helloween - The Dark Ride
Herod - Execution Protocol
Himsa - Courting Tragedy And Disaster
Holding On - Question What You Live For
Hoods - Pray For Death
Hyde - The Sky's False Persona

In Cold Blood - EP
In Cold Blood - Suicide King
In Flames - Trigger EP
In These Walls - Demo 2003
Inhuman - Black Reign
Inhuman - Evolver
Inhuman - Rebellion
Inhuman - The New Nightmare
Into The Moat - Means By Which The End Is Justified
Ion Dissonance - Breathing Is Irrelevant
Irate - 1134
Irate - Burden of A Crumbling Society
Irate - Demo 2003

Jude The Obscure - The Coldest Winter

Kalibas - Enthusiastic Corruption of The Common Good
Kid Dynamite - Cheap Shots Youth Anthems
Knuckledust - Time Won't Heal This

Lagwagon - Blaze
Leeway - Born To Expire (Desperate Measures)

Madball - Set It Off
Mental - And You Know This
Mental - Get An Oxygen Tank EP
Miles Between Us - When It Counts
Misconduct - United As One (Limited Edition)
Modern Life Is War - My Love. My Way

Naiad - Demo 2003
Nasum - Helvete
Negate - Enemy
Negate - The Dead Guy Place
Negate - Tragik Circus
NJ Bloodline - Demo
NOFX - Regaining Unconsiousness EP
NOFX - The War On Errorism

On The Rise - Burning Inside
Our War - Traditions (Demo)

Pennywise - From The Ashes
Proclomation - Straight Edge Hardcore
Proclomation - XXX
Punishment - Broken But Not Dead

Redline - Moments of Truth
Redline & Born From Pain - Split
Rosary - Demo 2002

Scarlet - Breaking The Dead Stare
Season of Fire - From Here On Out We Bleed
Set Ablaze - The Other Side of Serenity
Settle The Score - Royal Flush
Slugfest - Self Titled
Soilwork - Figure Number Five
Sommerset - More Songs
Stay Gold - And Time Slips Away
Stout - Self Titled
Striking Distance - March To Your Grave
Strung Out - Live In A Dive
Supertouch - The Earth Is Flat
Supertouch - What Did We Learn EP
Swingin Utters - Brazen Head EP
Sworn Enemy - As Real As It Gets
Sworn Vengeance - Abbadon

Ten Yard Fight - Demo
The 4 Skins - A Few 4 Skins More Vol. 2 (From Chaos to 1984 Rarities)
The Black Dahlia Murder - Unhallowed
Think I Care - Draw The Lines
Think I Care - LP
TJ Maxx, Settle The Score & Everybody Gets Hurt - Brotherhood Split

Unbroken - Fall On Proverb
Undying - At Historys End
Until The End - Blood In The Ink

VA - 8 Mile Soundtrack
VA - Metal Blade Records - Sampler 2003
Vegan Reich - Vanguard

Wake Up Cold - Deliver Me From Evil
Wake Up Cold - Rise From The Ash
Weird Al Yankovic - Poodle Hat
With Honor - Self Titled EP

xdisciplex AD - The Revelation
XwidowmakerX - 6 Songs